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PSD to HTML coding is a highly specialized job and a good paying one too. That is why I was not surprised when I googled for service provider and it came back with hundreds of companies. Finding a right company seemed liked a herculean task and it rightly turned out to be one.

But as a freelancer, I didn’t have resources to perform PSD conversions and didn’t want to bring anyone new due to additional overheads. So I found myself in the midst of a challenge to find the right provider.

I decided the criteria all companies will be ranked against. These were turnaround time, clientele, portfolio, price, availability and then compared companies which occurred in first 3 pages in organic Google listing. BTW, I also found a site which made the comparison task quite easy as it has a database of most PSD to HTML companies. It also lets you compare these companies and send enquiries.

Anyways, it took about a week time but I did sort it down to 5 and decided to give each of them a small task to see the results. While work of couple of companies was satisfactory, SEO Semantic XHTML fit the bill perfectly. They were great at customer care, were available 24 hours a day, put emphasis on quality and updated me at every stage of the project. Not to mention the turnaround time which was quite fast.

This was a month back. Impressed with their work, I also assigned them a few more homepages and inner pages which they completed per my guidelines.

In conclusion, it did save me a lot of time and spared all the hassle of PSD conversion tasks. Though it was a tiring process of finding the right company, I am glad that I gave it a chance. It was all worth it.

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I visited their website and affirm with your evaluation. Apart, they have an excellent portfolio and highly professional approach. I tried reaching them via live chat and I was amazed to see that they are online 24*7. Thanks for the information.

Great review! I also came across one more amazing resource to find the best PSD Slicing service provider. Check this out PSD to HTML Companies.

Found this review on twitter. Nice review indeed. Website is also look very professional and yes you are absolutely right, they have a great portfolio too.

I went through this's really nice.
Convert your PSD design into HTML &

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Personally, the post is in fact the most excellent on this impressive topic. I agree with your conclusions and will look further to your future updates.

Great review! They have a great portfolio too.

Great tips to covert file for use it easily..

Awesome tool to convert file to XHTML thanks for sharing this..

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