Alt Tags – Use Them to Make your Graphic-Intensive Website More Visible


Alt Tags are also known as ‘Alternate Tags.’ These are associated with the graphic displayed on your web page. Alt tags are very important aspect of any search engine optimization services. They not only make the graphic incorporated webpage more visible but also convey the purpose of graphic to the visitor. These tags incorporate well-researched keywords, which aids in getting a good rank on search-engine results pages. An alt tag is not only a tag but also an attribute of the image. Checkout to know advantages of alt tags-

* An alt tag provides more details or purpose of hyperlinked image.
* It also makes the image accessible for people who are suffering from impaired vision.
* It offers detailed information to people who are accessing the site with no-visual browser.
* Alt tags assists impeccably in navigation when a graphic based web page is accessed on a slower internet connection.

But these tags must be written properly. Scroll down to get tips on writing Alt Tags –

* Brief but Effective – Every SEO consultant recommends a brief but effective alt text. If the text will be too long, it will create problems, as browsers break when alt tags are too long. But these small alt tags must be written creatively so that they will be able to convey all about the graphic.

* Clear Keywords – Nonetheless, alto-tags should be brief but it must be clear enough to help people in understanding the context of the image.

* Contextual texts – Alt tags must be relevant to the image. It must describe the purpose of image. An irrelevant alt-tag confuses a visitor which leads to lesser visitor influx.

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