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Every second, consumers are searching on Google™ to find exactly what they are looking for – your product or service. What's more, nearly 60% of worldwide searches on the web are on Google.

Google AdWords™ puts your ads exactly where you want them: in front of potential customers, right when they’re looking for your products or services.AdWords ads appear alongside or above the results on search results pages and on sites in the Google Network. Your ads show up on Google almost instantly. WithAdWords pay-per-click pricing, you pay only when someone clicks on your ad. In other words, you only pay for advertising that works.

AdWords gives you complete control over your advertising campaign – you create your own ads, choose keywords that relate to your business and target prospects in the country, state, city or neighborhood of interest to you. What’s more, you can change your ad or pause your campaign whenever you like.

And, thanks to the US $50 ad credit that VISA is pleased to offer commercial cardholders through a special arrangement with Google, it doesn’t cost you anything to get started.

Start now.

Sign Up for Google AdWords and Receive $50 Worth of Targeted Advertising

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